10 Handy Things to Keep in Your Car

10 Handy Things to Keep in Your Car

Your car seems to have everything and nothing in it at the same time. Take a few minutes and stock up your car with a few essentials to ensure your safety and comfort!

1. Jumper Cables
It may seem like an obvious suggestion, but many people forget to consistently stow a set in their car. It’s a lot easier to ask for a jump start than have to call a tow truck.

2. Wet Wipes
Spills happen. In the car seats, on you, on your bags, on your children. You know you’re going to need them at some point and you will be glad you did.

3. Water
Water is always important to carry with you in your car in case of an emergency. Although it’s always crucial to have to drink, it is also handy if your engine begins to overheat.

4. Snacks
Having snacks in the car is important, both for emergency situations and in the case of “hanger!” Nonperishable ones, like granola bars, nuts, and dried fruit are filling and can withstand extremes in temperature.

5. Clothes
You never know if you will get stuck in a snow storm, rain, or get something on your clothing. Play it safe and keep a spare outfit in your car, along with a blanket or some kind of coat in case of inclement weather.

6. Cat Litter
This one may seem a bit odd, but if your car gets stuck in the ice or snow, you can sprinkle some to use as makeshift traction.

7. First Aid
Keep it basic. Pack a Ziploc bag full of bandages, gauze, disinfectant, scissors, tweezers, gloves, and a flashlight.

8. Extra Sunglasses
Don’t risk being blinded by a sunset or a bright winter day.

9. Change
Many people no longer carry cash and the change that used to end up in your cup holder is no longer there! Be sure to keep a stash of change in your car for unexpected road tolls and older style parking meters.

10. Bags
Bags are always important to keep in your car to clean up messes, carry goods to and from your car, etc.