10 Ideas to Benefit Your Child’s Classroom

We all know that teachers spend money out of their own pockets in order to enhance their own classrooms. We’ve done some research and asked teachers we know what would enhance their classrooms and alleviate some of the stress they experience in providing for their students.

10. Colored Card Stock

Card stock can be used for all kinds of different projects, decorations, or learning games. Allow the teacher the freedom to use a nice set of card stock for whatever he or she needs in the classroom.

9. Dry Erase Markers 

If your child’s classroom utilizes a whiteboard, you can bet the caps to those markers are bound to get lost. Lost caps equal dried out markers very quickly. Make sure the teacher always is prepared with back-ups by providing a package or two of new markers.

8.  Ziploc Bags

From preschool to high school, teachers can always use another set of bags for anything from science experiments to snack time. Grab a box of various sizes to help make your favorite teacher’s day!

7. Basic School Supplies

Teachers often have students who may not always be able to provide their own school supplies. Ask the teacher if they have a student in need to whom you can donate anonymously. Alternatively, see if the teacher needs any supplies they didn’t realize the students would need on the first day of school, but now has an idea for a project where they are in need.

6. Poster Boards

Along with card stock, teachers can always use extra poster board for a range of displays, projects, or large-scale demonstrations. See if the teacher has a specific project in mind or has a particular size he or she wants. Some classrooms may not have the storage space to keep poster boards for extended periods of time.

5. Printer Paper

Be sure to check with your teacher before purchasing printer paper. Most schools will provide teachers with paper, but for those with larger printing projects, this expense may not be covered and an extra box or two could help tremendously!

 4. Gift Cards

A gift card is always a great idea for teachers as a personal gift, but it also makes a perfect “back to school” gift for your child’s classroom. Pair the gift card with a note thanking them for their time and efforts ahead for the year and to use the card for any expenses that may arise.

3. Time

 Teachers are often exhausted at the end of the school day. They also have to plan the next day’s curriculum and deal with grading papers. Ask if you can help with any displays, classroom organization, or clean up they may also do on the side.

 2. Headphones

Many students have access to technology in their classrooms. However, the grants that provide these resources often only provide them for a handful of students and do not include headphones for the students to use. Inquire with the teacher if headphones are needed in their classroom and donate a few kid-friendly sets.

 1. A FACT Classroom Grant

As a FACT member, you are entitled to nominate any teacher for a classroom grant ranging from $100 to $2,500. Log-in to FACT and visit the grants page here to download an application today! Applications are reviewed and awarded four times a year.