Robocalls and Telephone Scams Skyrocket!

Robocalls and Phone Scams Photo

It is not your imagination! Nuisance calls from telemarketers and scammers have increased nearly 60% between 2017 and 2018 to 48 billion. Last month alone, there were 4.9 billion nuisance calls according to YouMail, a company that tracks and blocks robocalls. Some automated calls are from school districts, utilities, or cities for example and are…

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Travel Guide: St. Louis

Travel Guide St. Louis

St. Louis has a special place in the FACT office’s heart. Did you know our headquarters are located just 25 minutes away in Edwardsville, Illinois? That said, we have a few opinions about our hometown and what you should do when you visit! What to Do St. Louis is a sprawling city with a lot…

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The Meaning Behind “The Dog Days of Summer”

The Dog Days of Summer Photo

August is here! Have you ever wondered why we call August “The Dog Days of Summer?” The month itself gets its name from Caesar Augustus, adopted son of Julius Caesar. We have always associated the month with heat and humidity and refer to this time of year as the “dog days of summer”. Why dog…

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