Presidents Day Facts and Fury: Fun Facts and Why the Day Makes Grammar Nerds Crazy!

Presidents Day Facts and Fury

Today is Presidents Day. Or is it President’s Day? Or even Presidents’ Day? It appears there is not a clear consensus if the day is plural, possessive or possessive plural! The states’ official calendars differ all across the country. Some of you may not care at all, but they do mean very different things. When…

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How to Stop Junk Mail: Eliminating Paper Waste

How to stop junk mail

Dealing with the amount of unwanted credit card, insurance, or other marketing offers appearing in your mailbox day after day is a never-ending chore. Not only does it clutter your mailbox, home and recycling bin, but the paper waste it creates is unbelievable. For every 19 pieces of mail an individual receives, only one is…

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