8 Ways to Beat Afternoon Fatigue

8 Ways to Beat Afternoon Fatigue

Afternoon fatigue can hit hard. 3 p.m. rolls around and you suddenly don’t know how you can work or keep going for the rest of the day. Although it can take a short burst of energy to get the following things going, these tips can help you keep up the stamina you need!

1. Catch Some Rays
Although prolonged exposure to the sun can make your body work harder and become tired, a little sunlight can help boost energy levels. If you are able, go outside and get 15 minutes of direct sunlight. If you’re unable to go outside, try to position your desk close to a window. The natural light will help make you feel more alert.

 2. Take a Walk
Optimally, you can take a short walk outside to get both sunlight and your heart pumping. However, if you are stuck in your office or your home, it is still beneficial to get moving inside. Take a stroll down the office corridors or up and down your home stairs to take a mental break from whatever you were doing. Your body and mind will thank you!

 3. Take a Snooze
The National Sleep Foundation recommends a short nap to restore alertness, enhance performance, and reduce mistakes and accidents. A short nap can be anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes in order to be restorative. So find a quiet spot and nod off to make your afternoons more productive.

 4. Pump Up the Jams
We all know music can help change our moods. Sweet lullabies can help babies drift off to sleep, while exciting music is very stimulating. Try listening to some of your favorite upbeat music to ward off the afternoon slump. It may even motivate you to get up and take a few trips up and down the stairs!

 5. You are What You Eat
Enjoy a big plate of pasta for lunch? Having too many simple carbs can cause you to crash a few hours later. This coincides with the 3 p.m. crash. Do your mind and body a favor and stick with lean proteins and complex carbs to keep you full and energized throughout the entire afternoon.

 6. Switch Tasks
Have some flexibility in your schedule? Do the tasks that require more mental effort in the morning and allow yourself to do shorter menial tasks in the afternoon. When your attention span is lower in the afternoon, being able to switch tasks frequently will keep you productive.

7. Make a Call
Whether you’re working in a traditional career or not, scheduling a call with someone professionally or otherwise is a great way to break up the day. Professional calls will force you to get out of your own head and focus, while a personal call will brighten your mood. Make it a priority to hop on the phone during the afternoon hours when you can.

 8. Sniff it Out
Scent is a great way to refresh your mind and get a new perspective! Peppermint has been traditionally associated with alertness, so pop a mint, gum, or smell some essential oils to give yourself a boost!

See a trend? Getting past the afternoon fatigue slump has a lot to do with awakening your senses. So as hard as it might be to get going, get yourself up and moving and your body will thank you later!