FACT Benefit Spotlight: Ambulance Recovery

Ambulance Aid

Did you know that one of the benefits of being a FACT member is ambulance recovery reimbursement?

We hope you and your family are not in need of ambulance services…but if the situation arises, FACT is here to help!
In the event of an emergency, an eligible FACT member can receive up to $200 for actual expenses incurred for the use of ground ambulance service.

Reimbursement includes one trip per member per year — to or from a hospital as a result of either accident or sickness.

FACT is always here for you. Read some of the testimonials and notes we’ve received from past ambulance recovery beneficiaries and join FACT today!

“I just wanted to let you know we received our check today. Thank you so much. This has been a stressful time for us, and this really helps. Thankfully, we are feeling better. I had a broken sternum, but am finally getting back to normal.” Letitia P.


“The check for the ambulance is greatly appreciated.
I am grateful to report that I am rebounding very well from the stroke I suffered. Part of the rebound I attribute to the medics’ quick assessment, securing me for transport – including carrying me down from the second floor, and convenience to the hospital.

The hospital staff and therapists also provided excellent care.

Understanding the high probability of serious disability and death from a stroke, I am a very lucky man.
Again, thanks for the ambulance benefit.” Gary K.


“We wish to thank you and the FACT team for the $200.00 check we received after turning in the bill. We were glad to receive it and so quickly.

Please tell your team we really appreciated it. Albert was hospitalized for 8 days with pneumonia. It was his first major hospitalization. Fortunately, we had a short-term medical policy though United Health Care since he left his job of 26 years to pursue other employment that did not offer medical benefits. We both work and are in that medigap space that makes medical insurance unaffordable through the healthcare marketplace. A year’s worth of premiums costs the same as one of our salaries, and was a very high deductible.

Thanks again for sending the check. It really made our day.” Albert S.


“I just received the $200.00 Lump Sum Ambulance Benefit in the mail today. Thank you so much for your kind and prompt attention to my claim. It helps a great deal.” Valerie A.


This is NOT insurance. A special fund has been established by the Council for Disaster Assistance, Inc. (CDA) for the sole purpose of furnishing the Ambulance Benefit for FACT members.