Scholarship Applications Are Open!

4th Quarter Scholarship Applications Open Now! Attention FACT Members! Looking for a way to help pay you or your child’s college tuition? FACT gives approximately $75,000 in scholarship awards each year! FACT members and their immediate family members are eligible to apply for these awards. But what about deadlines? Scholarships are reviewed and awarded quarterly,…

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Charitable Donations: Where Do They Go?

Charitable Donations

Philanthropy is an act of kindness with the intent of providing a contribution of some sort to promote the welfare of others. Donations that can impact another life is indeed an act of kindness and generosity. As the holidays and end of the year are approaching, we at FACT are taking a look at charitable…

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Have You Tried Pickleball?


  In 1965, Congressman Joel Pritchard and two friends made up the game pickleball. According to the Congressman‘s friends, the game was named after his dog, Pickles, who chased the game balls. His wife says the combination of sports in pickleball reminded her of a pickle boat in crew where oarsmen are chosen from leftovers…

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Child Identity Theft—What You Need to Know

Child Identity Theft

When most of us think about identity theft, we think of ads showing someone stealing another adult’s valuable information, ruining existing credit lines and using existing accounts.  While this is a huge problem, it is also likely that someone will steal a child’s identity. Children’s social security numbers and names are almost always debt free…

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