FACT Benefit Spotlight: Small Business Recovery

Small Business Recovery

Attention FACT Members!

Have you been professionally or personally affected by COVID-19?

Never before has FACT had the opportunity to assist its members in such a personal way…we offer a program that may help!

FACT’s Small Business Recovery (SBR) was developed to provide $250 in immediate aid to small business applicants who qualify – without a lot of paperwork or red tape.

Although a small amount, it can sometimes be enough to hold off bankruptcy or to pay the one bill that threatens to push a business over the edge. We know COVID-19 has disrupted our members’ lives and businesses—FACT is here for you.

Please Note: These programs are not insurance. Payments are benevolent in nature, disbursed at the discretion of an independent committee and as funds allow. Payments from the Funds are available only for conditions which manifest themselves 61 or more days after the effective date of your FACT membership.

Recent Member Testimonial – May 2020
“I just wanted to say, how grateful I am for the help F.A.C.T has given me and my family during this time. There comes a time when everyone needs a little help, this time is no different. In a world of bureaucratic red-tape, having some aid quickly, can make all the difference. In my opinion, the value offered by programs in this organization, over the long haul, exceeds the small cost to join. And I just wanted to say thanks.”

For more information or to request aid:

Call 1-800-USA-FACT (1-800-872-3228) or email cservice@usafact.org