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Helpful Consumer Information


Online FACTFinder Newsletters

This quarterly newsletter provides news of general consumer interest — and keeps you up-to-date with the ever-growing list of FACT benefits.

News Bulletins

FACT may be your only source of vital legislative information that is completely unbiased. News releases are posted regularly on this website, delivering information to you in a straightforward way … without any political slant or hidden agenda.  Our goal is to get the facts to you so that you can form your own opinions and make your own decisions.

To keep posted on breaking news which is relevant to YOUR life, read the latest FACT News Bulletins … published to help you know what’s happening both inside and outside FACT, and to plan your own course of action accordingly.

Consumer Hotline

If you encounter a consumer problem which you can’t solve yourself, FACT’s Consumer Hotline stands ready. Call toll-free for a referral to the proper source or sources of help … it could be your best step towards a speedy and satisfactory resolution.

Consumer Library

Publications on topics of great interest and importance to almost every American consumer are available — entirely free! — from the FACT Consumer Library. Finances, Travel, Health Care, Federal Programs, Child Care … these are among the categories from which you can choose.

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