Deepfakes: Convincing & Dangerous Technology


Have you heard of deepfakes? A combination of the words “deep learning” and “fake,” a deepfake is a manipulated digital representation, typically a video, that appears to be unaltered.

For example, a deepfake might present itself as a video of someone saying or doing something that has never occurred. Artificial intelligence technology has made it possible that these videos are extremely sophisticated. Of course, not all deepfakes are malevolent, Hollywood may use the technology to bring back your favorite character after the actor passes away. However, deepfakes may also be used to sway political opinions or in fraud scam by altering a video of a political figure to say something off-putting that never occurred.

The danger of these videos lies in the idea that people may believe that these videos are genuine. Conversely, it is difficult to detect when a video has not been altered! With all of the time spent watching videos online, how do you know what to trust?

What can you do?

  1. Consume Media from Credible Sources
  2. Fact Check your Media from Additional Sources
  3. Report Suspicious Media Videos

Currently, there are some widespread policies in place to prevent deepfakes, but they can be difficult to police. Many social media sites are also developing algorithms to prevent the spread of inaccurate information.

Remain vigilant in your online behavior and always verify information you see or hear social media!