FACT Member Testimonials

We at FACT are proud of the services and products we can provide for our members.

Today, we’d like to share just a few of the member comments and thank you notes we have received in feedback to how FACT has impacted people’s lives.

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“Thank you again for the grant money for my Eagle Scout Project. The community of Forest, OH really appreciates the work that was done, and has expressed a great amount of positive feedback. I have attached a newspaper article that should help explain my project. I really appreciated the opportunity to serve my community and library, and I thank you for your help in that.” Andrew B. – Vision to Venture Grant Recipient

“We would like to thank FACT for the check to help us pay for losses occurred during hurricane Irma. You made the process painless. No standing in line for hours to get help. We are sharing the assistance received from you with our son who is in College in Lakeland, Florida. He also lost power and all his food in his freezer and fridge had spoiled. Once again a great big THANK YOU to the FACT organization.” Hedi G. – Disaster Aid Recipient

“I am writing to express my heartfelt gratitude for choosing me as a recipient of a FACT scholarship. Your generous financial help will allow me to focus on my studies and get the most out of this school year at college. I will make the most of the opportunity you have given me and make this a stellar year. Thank you for this very generous scholarship.” David E. – Scholarship Recipient

“FACT – Thank you for your help. It is nice to know there are still people and agencies that care.” Monica S. – FACT Member

“I just received the $200 lump sum Ambulance Benefit in the mail today. Thank you so much for your kind and prompt attention to my claim. It helps a great deal.” Valerie A. – Ambulance Benefit Recipient

“What an encouragement to return from my semester and receive this educational grant. I am so thankful for this support from FACT in aiding on my academic career at Clemson. I am looking forward to my future career, and funds like this are just the first step toward that goal. God bless, and happy holidays.” Ethan – Scholarship Recipient

“Thank you so much for choosing to fund the purchase of iPads for our program. The staff and students are so excited.” Ms. Simons – Classroom Grant Recipient

“Thank you for your generosity & caring for our students. It means a lot to all of them and us. “ Mrs. Dobson – Classroom Grant Recipient

“I want to let you know how pleased I am with being a FACT member. My husband and I are self-employed and have NEVER had any kind of dental insurance. About 10 months ago we switched healthcare providers to United HealthCare. I was excited to learn we had additional benefits for dental and vision through the FACT program.

I used an Endodontic provider from your list recommended by my dentist. The process of selecting, confirming and downloading the paperwork through your website was quick, easy and painless. (I wish I could say as much for the procedure.) The provider was very professional, competent and thorough. Plus, I saved a ton of money – what a bonus!” Sharon W. – FACT Member

“Please accept our sincere appreciation for the grant with Helping Hands Assistant Program. We were able to feed 75 families who were in desperate need of grocery assistance during the Thanksgiving and the forthcoming Christmas holidays. We will continue to reach out to our community during these hard times when the state agencies feel they can no longer reach out to the poor and needy and have shut their doors. Again, thank you, your generosity will not be forgotten. Cynthia L. – Vision to Venture Grant Recipient

“My husband and I want to thank you for the $250 check we received to help us with the challenges we are facing with his small business. My husband just had surgery on his other shoulder (he had shoulder surgery last fall as well), so the funds you freely gave will be very helpful. Thank you for making the process easy and for responding so quickly – and for your generosity.” Kevin & Amy S. – Small Business Recovery