Fall Staycation Ideas

USAfact - Fall Staycation Ideas

For many of us, Fall is officially in full swing. The cooler weather is upon us and the summer ideas that propelled us through are not quite feasible any longer.

Still, you may be looking for some reprieve from the doldrums of everyday life during the pandemic. We put together a list of 10 ideas of Fall staycation ideas here, but let’s dig a little deeper and explore some ideas to fill a few days off work or an upcoming long weekend!

We can’t all live in Napa, but you would be surprised in the number of local wineries located throughout the country! They may not all have the same prestige, but spending the day or weekend in your local wine country might just be what you need to recharge. Check the nearby small towns for Air BnB’s or Bed & Breakfasts that cater to wine tourists. You might just be pleasantly surprised! No wineries nearby? 2020 has a few silver linings. Many places offer virtual wine tours and tastings delivered right to your home!

Wine not your thing? How about a self-guided coffee tour? If you’re unfamiliar with coffee’s history and the roasting process, a simple YouTube search reveals a ton of great videos to get you started. Once you’re armed with some new knowledge, research some of your local coffee shops. Find where they source their coffee and head out for an adventure!

If you’re comfortable going out and about around town, how about supporting some local small businesses! Give yourself this challenge: spend the whole weekend visiting places in your town or city that you have never visited previously. Eat or get carry-out at new restaurants, visit new-to-you stores, try a local ethnic grocery store to cook a new meal, visit a new church or other place of worship. There are so many places we tend to ignore. Shake it up a bit and see your city in a new way!

Be sure to check social media—people are getting so creative with local events during this pandemic! From virtual cooking classes to drive-in movies, communities are still coming together in safe ways. It’s easy to fall into our routines, especially in 2020. Think outside the box a bit though and you’ll realize the world is still out there waiting! Just don’t forget your mask and a warm coat!