IRS Warns of New Scams

IRS Warns of New Tax Scams

There are always new scams of which you should be aware…here’s a specific one to be careful of during tax season…

Be on the lookout for scammers that claim to be able to suspend or cancel your social security number. In most cases it’s a robocall threatening to suspend your SSN for unpaid taxes…make no mistake, this is a scam and you should hang up immediately.

The IRS and its authorized collection agencies will NEVER:

•  Call to demand immediate payment using a method such as a prepaid debit card, iTunes gift card or any kind of monetary transfer.
•  Ask you to make a payment to anyone other than the U.S. Treasury.
•  Ask police or any other law enforcement group to have you arrested for none payment.
•  Demand that taxes be paid without giving the tax payer the opportunity to appeal the charges.

IF you receive one of these calls, hang up and do the following:

•  Report the call to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration
•  Report the caller ID and callback number to the IRS by sending it to and write “IRS Phone Scam” in the subject line.
•  Report the call to the Federal Trade Commission. When reporting, add “IRS Phone Scam” in the notes.

If you do owe taxes to the IRS…you should ALWAYS do one of the following:

•  View your account information online at
•  Call the IRS directly at 800-829-1040