Is Virtual Part of the New Normal

As we all try to get on with our lives, we are constantly reminded that Covid-19 has limited our freedom.  Whether mentally or physically restricted, everybody has to find a new normal, and this is pertinent to everyone living together.

It is important that there be some sort of agenda to follow on a day to day basis.  For those who work at home, adhering to a strict schedule allows one to focus and be productive.  The quarantining that occurred through April may have been easier for the persons working at home, whereas those not familiar with this work regimen find it to be more difficult.   Most enjoy the socialization of humanity and like to work, eat, and play together in some form.

When quarantining, it is natural to need something to distract you.  Obviously, self- quarantining is the most difficult.  For many of us, even getting a good cup of coffee is a challenge when the coffee houses are not open. Why not set up your home to be your new  mecca?  It starts with the right tea or coffee pot.  If what you have at home just gets you by, it’s time to update!  Make that perfect cup of something every morning to get yourself primed for the day and learn to slow down and enjoy that time.  For many right now, there is no rush but one might think differently if only you tap into the right resources.

Travel restrictions are everywhere and over the past 6 weeks many have gotten antsy to do something more than stay at home.  Some got caught up on their favorite TV shows or movies as Netflix and other sites have increased their usage. The “shelter in place” order caused an increase in streaming video and TV on Netflix by 32% in March!

There are no live sports currently; the Olympics postponed, baseball and other sports have been delayed, and social and work events have been cancelled.  Thus, the first all virtual NFL draft took place on April 23rd with 15.6 million viewers, which was 37% higher than last year.  People looked forward to this for weeks!  Virtual will definitely be the new normal, at least for now.

Everybody needs an outlet.  Virtual tours and online exhibits are now popping up with the help of Google and Apple.  There are over 2500 museums and galleries on Google Arts and Cultures from all around the world that can be viewed.   The Van Gogh in Amsterdam and the British London Museum are two of the examples that will take you on a fabulous tour.

Travel channels on TV, National Geographic, and now the addition of virtual trips all over the world can be observed on the internet.  Travel destinations can now be watched in the comfort of your own home.

There are also virtual field trips for kids.  These trips can be planned out each day so that the kids have a schedule to follow.  Many zoos like the San Diego Zoo have both virtual tours and live web cams to watch the animals.  There are many sites available to peruse.