Playing Catch up with your Health

Playing Catch Up with Your Health?

Have you missed or postponed medical appointments throughout the last year and a half due to COVID-19? Maintaining regular appointments are critical in early detection of medical issues and keeping tabs on any pre-existing conditions. We’ve compiled a generic list of appointments people need to see on a regular basis. Read below to ensure you’re making your health a priority and have recently seen or scheduled appointments with the providers below.

Annual Physical

Generally, it is best to schedule a visit with your primary care provider once a year, even if you are healthy. Getting established with a doctor and having a consistent medical record can help your doctor spot any changes in your health that may arise. Establishing routine care with a primary care provider can also ensure you have access to appointments without lengthy wait times if you are experiencing a potential health issue.

Dental Visit

It is best practice to visit a dentist twice a year for cleanings. X-rays should be performed once a year. Having regular cleanings helps keep your teeth bright and shiny, but it also can prevent gum disease and cardiovascular disease. By staying on top of your cleanings, you’ll help your overall health and potentially defray other medical costs down the road for more severe issues.

Eye Exam

As far as eye exams go, there is no “one size fits all” recommendation for how often you should be checked out. However, if you wear contacts or glasses, you should have a regular visit once a year. You also may need to go once a year if your prescription has expired. However, it is never a bad idea to have your eyes checked, as it can detect other issues, like diabetes, at an early stage. Check with your primary care provider if you are unsure about how often you should have an eye exam.


Although dermatology appointments can be difficult to schedule and easy to ignore, skin checks are very important to have on an annual basis. The provider will scan your body for moles and note any changes or abnormalities. Early detection of skin cancers, especially melanoma, can be life-saving.

Other Appointments

Depending on your health status, age, and gender, you may need other regular testing or appointments. Always speak with your primary care provider about proactive steps to be taking for your health. The pandemic has caused almost everyone stress and turmoil throughout the last year and a half. Do not be afraid to seek help from a mental health professional.

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