Portfolio Category: Financial Aid

Educational Grant Program

In reaction to the changing needs of our members, FACT is excited to announce that the former FACT Scholarship program will be replaced with The Educational Grant Program!

Approximately $75,000 will be awarded this year to members and their immediate families, with the hope of increasing accessibility to advanced education.

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Grant Programs

FACT Classroom Grants, ranging from $100 - $2,500 are available to assist teachers with worthy classroom projects, materials, etc.

FACT Community Grants are available for churches, civic clubs, or community projects. if you know of a community improvement project that may benefit some (or all!) of your neighbors, this is the grant for you! These grants also range from $100 - $2,500.

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Disaster Aid

FACT sponsors a program designed to get money
promptly into the hands of affected members
when a natural disaster occurs. The goal is to help
with your basic needs during those trying days
which immediately follow a natural disaster.

Up to $250 may be paid without proof of loss …
no forms to complete, no need to stand in a
long line.

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Small Business Recovery

FACT's Small Business Recovery Program was developed to provide financial assistance to small businesses that have been adversely affected by a sudden problem which is beyond their own control.

The goal is to provide $250 in immediate aid to applicants who qualify ... without a lot of paperwork or red tape.

Although a small amount, it can sometimes be enough to hold off bankruptcy or to pay the one bill that threatens to push a business over the edge.

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