Protect Your Valuables

When you are traveling, there is always a chance that something will be lost or stolen. Help minimize your potential loss by preparing before your trip. The best advice is to leave your valuables at home. Since this is not always practical, there are a few simple tips to help avoid disaster.

1. Before leaving on vacation, go through your purse and wallet. The main rule is if you don’t need it or don’t plan on using it, leave it at home. This rule applies to extra credit cards, membership or ID cards that are unnecessary for travel (don’t forget your passport or driver’s license though!) and assorted cards like frequent buyer clubs or gift cards. The rule is: take as few cards as you can—it’s easier to replace three cards than it is to replace ten.

2. If you carry a large handbag, consider switching to a smaller bag with a strap that can be worn across your body. This keeps your hands free, makes it harder for someone to grab, and forces you to eliminate more items that you don’t really need.

3. Always carry a bag with a zipper and keep it closed. It is much more difficult for someone to reach inside your bag if it is securely zipped. Be sure to keep all valuable items inside the zippered portion and not in any outside-facing pockets.

4. Keep an eye on your purse or bag at all times and/or know where your wallet is. Never leave your wallet sitting on your table or your purse underneath your seat.

5. Many hotel rooms have an in-room safe located in the closet, use it!

6. Separate your valuables. Put cash or credit cards in different places. If you have some of your cash in a secure pocket, some in your wallet, and some in your hotel room and then become a victim of theft, at least you have not lost all of your money.

7. Keep copies of your information in your hotel room. In the unfortunate situation that your bag is lost or stolen, it can be helpful to retain copies of identification like your passport in order to obtain a new one.

8. As always, be mindful of your surroundings. Awareness of potential pitfalls can save a lot of time and frustration that can be spent trying to cancel and replace what you have lost.

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