Tips for Safe Road Travel

Tips for Safe Road Travel

This summer, you may be more likely than usual to take a holiday road trip. We can’t guarantee all your family’s together time won’t go off without a hitch, but follow these tips and at least you’ll arrive safe and healthy!

• Pack your car the night before, rather than the morning of, your trip. You will be able to focus on any last-minute issues in the morning, instead of worrying about packing the car.

• Make sure your car is equipped in case of an emergency. You can read our essential 10 items here.

• Tilt your rearview mirror up slightly when you drive. It will keep you from slouching and your back will thank you for it!

• Consider packing fresh and healthy food for your road trip to avoid drive-thru restaurants. Not only will all the fat, sugar and salt in the food drain your energy, but waiting in the drive-thru line can drain gas and make you lose valuable vacation time.

• Optimal gas mileage is achieved when you drive between 60 and 65 miles per hour.

• If you are driving across flat roads, relying on your cruise control can help you use between 7-14% less gas. Conversely, if you will be motoring up and down some hills on your trip, utilizing your cruise control can waste gas.

• Bringing along a pet? Check out our tips here.

• Don’t forget to stretch! It is recommended to stop every so often (approximately every 2-3 hours) to let everyone stretch their legs to aid in circulation.

• Don’t risk an accident by using your phone texting or navigating. Dictate messages for passengers to send and to navigate.

Now that you’ve arrived safely, think about taking a walk each day of your holiday break. Fresh air will do you good and the exercise certainly can’t hurt after sitting in the car. And you never know—by the time you have to go back to work, maybe you’ll have developed a beneficial new habit to take home with you!