Tips For Traveling With Your Pets

Whether you are traveling with a large dog or a small kitten, on a plane or in a car, it is important to keep your pets safe and secure.

Check out our tips below before taking any trip with your beloved pets!

1. Make sure your pet is wearing proper and updated identification tags at all times in case he or she becomes separated or lost.

2. Pack a recent photo of your pet along with current vaccination records. This is helpful if you need to locate her or visit a local veterinarian’s office.

3. Pack enough food to safeguard against any travel delays you may incur. You never know what might delay your trip.

4. Be sure to book a pet-friendly hotel. Make sure to notice any hidden cleaning fees or weight or breed limits the hotel imposes. Some hotels even provide your pet with special beds or treats upon arrival!

5. If you choose to fly with your pet, select early morning or late evening flights to avoid any temperature extremes that may affect your pet. Be sure to check your airline’s specific rules for travel, as these regulations may often change.

6. Look online to locate veterinary services in the area of your destination. It is always better to know your options before you leave.

7. Before you travel, schedule a well-visit for your pet to make sure they are in optimum health and up to date with all of their vaccinations.

8. Make sure your pet is comfortable in the car or carrier he or she is going to be traveling in before you leave for your trip. You do not want to start a trip putting your pet in something they are unfamiliar with.

9. Travel with a blanket or soft toy your pet is familiar with. You don’t need to travel with a crate full of toys, but having something that smells like home may be comforting for your pet.

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