Vicki’s View – Introduction

I’m a teacher … that is to say, I obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education many years ago.

I’m a nurse … I’ve raised two kids (and a husband) for the past 31 years.

I’m a chef, a crisis negotiator, a bank president, a therapist, a personal assistant to three, a party organizer, a life coach, a translator, a personal shopper …

Again – the children and husband.  If I were a character on Game of Thrones, my introduction could take longer than Daenerys Stormborn’s –

“Vicki Rolens of House Amherst, The First of Her Name, Queen of the Kitchen and Mood Swings, Protector of the Seven Remaining Oreos, The Mother of Two Children and four cats, the Ruler of The Great Grocery List, the Unrested, the Maker of All Holidays …”   Well, you get it.  If you’re a woman – and a mother – you REALLY get it!

Along with all of those things, for over 20 years I have also had the fantastic job of serving as the Managing Director of the Federation of American Consumers and Travelers.  It makes me very proud to serve the FACT membership each day by finding new and exciting ways for them to live life to the fullest while saving money and time doing so.  I believe one of my favorite aspects of the job is the chance to present any of the grants which FACT offers – whether it’s a Classroom Grant to a deserving teacher, a Visions to Ventures Grant to a worthwhile community project, a Disaster Aid Grant to a family in need, or informing someone that they have been chosen to receive a FACT Scholarship to assist them in furthering their education.

So, you might wonder – if I have a question about any of FACT’s benefits or services, who should I ask?  Well, the answer is simple:  feel free to email us at or if you prefer, give us a call at 1-800-USA-FACT (1-800-872-3228).  While your email is typically answered almost immediately, use the latter option if you’re the kind of person who prefers to speak to another human being.  It’s true!  If you call the FACT Office, the phone will actually be answered by a real person – not a machine!  Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Central Standard Time, we are here to assist you.  Because we ARE real human beings, we do enjoy having the weekends and some holidays off like all of you –  but, rest assured, we’re back at it bright and early the next workday to assist you.  If you wish to speak to me, just ask for me when you call!  I’ll be more than happy to talk with you about the money saving benefits and services that FACT proudly offers to its members and answer any questions you may have.  Let us know what you’d like to see – any blog topics, new benefits you’d like to see added, etc.

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