About FACT

Getting to Know Fact

The Federation of American Consumers and Travelers (FACT) is a consumer organization that serves to provide you security and savings.

As a member of FACT, you are entitled to more than 20 different benefits that include coverage, savings, and opportunities.

Our benefits include Accidental Death and Dismemberment, In-Hospital Stay, and Medi-Vac coverage. FACT also sponsors a Disaster Aid and Small Business Recovery program. Our savings benefits are numerous... we offer discounts on car rentals, hotels, retail, and much more. In addition, we offer Classroom & Community Grants, which are awarded quarterly, and FACT is very proud of our growing Scholarship program, also awarded quarterly.

Because of our 30+ years of experience as an organization, we are able to provide you with the best benefits package for $10/month or $100/year. We are always seeking opportunities to provide new benefits for our members.


FACT was founded in 1984 by a small group of Midwesterners who didn't have a whole lot in common, except... they knew each other, and they felt as if many practical aspects of their lives were not entirely in their own hands. These founding members soon discovered that by forming into a group of individuals -- people who weren't bound by politics, religion, age or employment -- they could make an almost immediate difference in how they live and save money. In the last thirty-plus years of service to the American consumer, FACT has grown from a few members and a small Midwest office into an influential national corporation. Today, the association represents approximately 200,000 Americans in all 50 states offering dozens of benefits which can be truly life-altering.


FACT was formed under the not-for-profit corporation laws of the District of Columbia. It has a governing board of directors, comprised of four persons. These board members are elected annually by a vote of FACT members. Among other duties, these directors must:

  • Agree to serve without compensation.
  • Engage in no activities which represent a conflict with FACT's best interests.
  • Have been a dues-paying member of FACT for at least two years prior to being nominated.
  • Not be related or connected in any way to any other director, officer or employee of FACT.
  • Be a person of good character.
  • Submit to and abide by a screening process whereby FACT can determine that a nominee has the qualifications to make important business decisions for a complex corporation.

These criteria were adopted by the corporation in order to

  • assure the continuation of FACT's selfless intents and purposes,
  • maintain a high level of professionalism at the director level, and
  • prevent any special-interest groups or self-serving individuals from assuming control of FACT for their own gain.

Reporting directly to the board of directors are its officers (also four in number) and a managing director, all of whom operate on a volunteer basis. Day-to-day administrative, management and marketing responsibilities are entirely 'outsourced' and handled on a contract basis by companies that specialize in their respective fields.

Beliefs & Commitment

Serving our members requires honesty and efficiency. Just as important, we believe every person is entitled to courtesy, consideration, respect, and accuracy of information. To that extent:

  • FACT is prevented by its charter and by-laws from making a profit.
  • FACT only offers benefits that we believe to be of substantial interest and use to members. We never accept payments, commissions, or "kick-backs" from any benefit provider.
  • FACT has no hidden or self-serving agenda. It is not aligned with or controlled by any political party, special-interest group, business, union or industry.

When you call the FACT office, the telephone will not be answered by a machine but by a person. Someone will promptly, politely and with genuine concern respond to any question, request or comment you may have. You can access our contact information here.