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Membership Benefits

FACT Benefits are designed to suit the needs of its members. FACT listens to what you have to say. Benefits are constantly updated and services added to suit the changing needs of the American consumer. FACT wants to and will save you money. Benefits include discounts on Dental, Vision, and Prescription drugs, Scholarship and grant programs, Disaster Assistance, Accidental Death insurance, travel discounts and much more. (click here for a complete list of benefits)


Important Consumer Information

FACT keeps its members updated on topics of consumer interest, through the FACTFinder Newsletter, press releases and news bulletins. These are all available online to members. This a means of providing information to members not providing opinions. FACT has no hidden or self-serving agenda ... it is not aligned with or controlled by any political party, special-interest group, business, union or industry.


FACT offers a No Risk Guarantee

The Federation of American Consumers and Travelers (better known as FACT) was begun more than a quarter-century ago by a handful of citizens who knew they could save money by forming into a single buying group.  We’re now serving nearly 500,000 consumers nationwide -- and we're still GROWING. If you choose to join and later change your mind, simply return your Membership materials within 60 days and FACT will return any dues paid IN FULL.

Here are just a few of the many reasons to join FACT now …

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About Us


FACT was founded in 1984 by a small group of Midwesterners who didn't have a whole lot in common, except ... they knew each other, and they felt as if many practical aspects of their lives were not entirely in their own hands.  These founding members soon discovered that by forming into a group of individuals -- people who weren't bound by politics, religion, age or employment -- they could make an almost immediate difference in how they live.

In the last twenty-plus years of service to the American consumer, FACT has grown from a few members and a small Midwest office into an influential national corporation. Today, the association represents over 500,000 Americans in all 50 states ... offering dozens of benefits which can be truly life-altering.

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You can reach a FACT Customer Service Representative
Monday through Friday, 8:00AM to 5:00PM CST at 800-872-3228 (excluding holidays)

Or Contact FACT by email cservice@usafact.org and your email will be answered promptly