Baggage Delay Aid

Baggage Delay Aid


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Baggage Delay Aid

FACT sponsors a program designed to get money promptly into the hands of members and their family when baggage is delayed.

$100 may be paid (quickly!) by simply submitting your trip itinerary and proof of a completed lost baggage claim. Although a small amount, the goal is to help with your basic needs while awaiting your baggage.

This program applies to any common carrier where your baggage is handled by the carrier, i.e., checked baggage. FACT Members and their immediate family members may submit a claim—only one claim per household may be awarded each year.

The Baggage Delay Aid Program is not insurance. Payments are benevolent in nature, disbursed at the discretion of an independent committee and as funds allow. Payments from the Baggage Delay Aid Program are available only for conditions which manifest themselves 61 or more days after the effective date of your FACT membership. Claims must be submitted to FACT within 30 days after the loss of baggage.

To submit your claim, please email with your trip itinerary and lost baggage claim. Aid will be issued through Venmo.