Burnalong Health and Wellness Subscription

Burnalong Health and Wellness Subscription


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Online Health and Wellness Classes for FACT Members

Burnalong is an online health and wellness platform that offers FACT members access to 10,000+ instructors, as well as live and on-demand classes across 70+ categories- traditional fitness to nutrition, financial wellness, and adaptive workouts to chronic conditions and so much more. Take classes alone or live with others for added social motivation in live private group sessions.

Unlimited Classes for FACT Members

FACT members can experience unlimited access to 50,000+ of on-demand and live streamed classes across 70+ categories spanning physical, emotional, and financial wellness. Classes are led by hundreds of health and wellness professionals from around the country, with customized programs to follow and new classes added daily. Burnalong works for people of all ages, interests, and fitness levels, ranging from amateur athletes to beginners to people struggling with chronic conditions.


So Much More Than Fitness to Choose From

Beyond traditional fitness, additional categories on Burnalong include:

  • Stress Management and Mindfulness
  • Financial Wellness
  • Nutrition
  • Support for Chronic Conditions like Parkinson’s Disease and Diabetes
  • Prenatal and Postnatal
  • Adaptive Workouts


Social Support and Live Group Classes

Looking for social support at home too? With Burnalong you can see and hear the friends and family members you invite over live video in private sessions while you take a class together.


Customized Programs for YOUR Wellness Journey

Burnalong meets you wherever you are by providing customized online programs from expert trainers and coaches or get smart recommendations from machine learning. Programs cover every step of life’s journey, including prenatal, kids, college, adult, fit over 50, diabetes, chronic conditions, stress, insomnia, financial wellness, and more.


Note: Burnalong is included for new FACT Memberships obtained after December 17, 2021. For more information or questions regarding your membership, please contact us at cservice@usafact.org.