Small Business Recovery

Small Business Recovery


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FACT’s Small Business Recovery (SBR) Program was developed to provide financial assistance to small businesses that have been adversely affected by a sudden problem which is beyond their own control. Severe weather events, prolonged loss of a necessary utility, road construction which makes access difficult for customers … all are examples of the situations covered.

The goal is to provide $250 in immediate aid to applicants who qualify … without a lot of paperwork or red tape.

Although a small amount, it can sometimes be enough to hold off bankruptcy or to pay the one bill that threatens to push a business over the edge.

The Small Business Recovery Program is not insurance. Payments are benevolent in nature, disbursed at the discretion of an independent committee and as funds allow. Payments from the SBR Fund are available only for conditions which manifest themselves 61 or more days after the effective date of your FACT membership.