FACT Benefit Spotlight: Community Grants

FACT Benefit Spotlight: Community Grants


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December 14, 2023

Did you know that one benefit of being a FACT Member is the ability to apply for grants that benefit your local community?

We love reading applications and rewarding worthy groups!

Almost any church, civic club or community project will receive serious consideration if you believe it will benefit your organization or cause. Our grant awards range from $100 to $2,500. Submit your application at any time. Applications are reviewed and awarded quarterly.

Need some inspiration? Read some of the testimonials and notes we’ve received from past community grant recipients!

“Thank you so much for helping with funding for my Eagle Scout Project. The project went very smoothly and it looks great! Literally, hundreds of people see it every day. This is what I did for it: I redesigned the landscape by the main entrance at Dayton Christian High School. For my project, I planted four new trees (Red Radiance Maple), and around each of those trees I planted 5 black-eyed Susan. There was an existing landscape bed by the main doors of the school that my troop and I ripped out and replaced with a new bed that consists of Gold Flame Spirea, Boxwood, and Daylilies. Again, thank you so much for your generosity and for seeing my Eagle Scout project as being as valuable as I do.”- Seth W.

“The First Glance Student Center, Inc. Board of Trustees would like to thank FACT for the contribution to our Football Dinner Program. As board members, we truly believe in the mission of First Glance to connect students and their communities to Christ and the church through real, loving, and non-threatening avenues. We appreciate people like you who are willing to come alongside us to help us accomplish that mission. In partnership with FACT Visions to Ventures, First Glance will provide the local Kenmore community high school football team with weekly meals as well as encouragement and the chance to enhance team unity. We appreciate FACT’s dedication to its members and the organizations they support! Thank you!” – Hannah N.

“On behalf of the Samaritan Center, I would like to thank you for the $2,500 grant awarded under the Visions to Ventures Community Grants Program. Your generosity is helping the Samaritan Center to provide more assistance to the residents of Henry County who are in need during this holiday season.” – Jodi B.

“Please accept our sincere appreciation for the grant with Helping Hands Assistant Program.

We were able to feed 75 families who were desperate need of grocery assistance during the Thanksgiving and the forthcoming Christmas holidays. We will continue to reach out to our community during these hard times when the state agencies feel they can no longer reach out to the poor and needy and have shut their doors. Again, thank you, your generosity will not be forgotten.” – Cynethia L.

“Thank you and everyone at FACT. The grant award letter brightened everyone’s day here in Homer, Alaska, especially the very enthusiastic volunteers heading up the Homer Playground Project!” – Joy S.

“On behalf of the Board of Directors of Clothes To You I would like to extend our sincere appreciation to your organization for the $2,000.00 “Visions to Ventures” grant we received. The Board of Directors met and decided to spend the majority of the money on new shoes as our inventory was low and we have a strong demand for shoes, especially for children. We were able to purchase 299 pairs of shoes with the money as well as approximately 30 toddler sized shirts and bottoms.

Many in our local community are struggling to juggle their finances. They have to decide between paying rent/mortgage and feeding their families and new clothing many times is not an option. We continue to work with our local partners to help meet their needs.

We can do our work only because of the ongoing support we receive from people like you. Offering a simple ”Thank You” for your gift never quite feels like enough to me, because what you have done will make such a difference in the lives of many people. The best I can do is tell you how much we appreciate your support for Clothes To You. We hope we can continue to demonstrate that we value your support and that we use it wisely to provide help to those in need.” – Sandra T.